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Dancers in Dark.

Dancers in Dark. Captured at a party. 
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True Colours of Colombo

True colours of Colombo. Taken at Colombo Fort Railway station. We went a photo trip to Galle with friends. Our journey ends at Colombo Fort. At the last time I saw this cheerful colours at sky. Another quick shoot.

Just enhance the colours bit. That's all
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Blossoms. Taken at Haputhale. Took this shoot while driving the vehicle. Another Quick Move 
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Lady In White

One of  my experiment. Some times back. Lady In white. Thanks Gimhani for being my model.

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Colorful life in Black one white

Another nature capture some times back in Hortan Plains. Do a small Edit.
Enjoy it.
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Just Before Rain

Another Quick shot at Seegiriya. When I was in Seegiriya I saw this plans with a wall. Took a photo and cropped down. Change the tone using Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy!!!
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Temple of Kaluthara. I was taken this photograph long time back. But I still love those reflections, When I was at Hotel Panorama, I saw this, So I took this photo. Bit long exposure (Less than 5 Sec) with tripod.

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All Statues :)

Another Quick capture at Kala Pola which Held on 25th of January. When I walk towards the exhibition stalls, I saw this. Took the camera and just take the shot. :)

That's it.
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Dancer In Dark

Last week I did this shoot for a client. She needs to take photographs from dancing costume. So “Rashmi” was my Model. Use only one studio light for this shoot. This was taken in Siri Piiyarathana Collage Auditorium. This is one of my dream shoot. Small color corrections and convert it into black and white is the only editing. 
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