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Lets go Together

Another Quick capture at Anuradhapura. This is middle of Nuwara Tank. I saw a monk with layman (may be his cousin) came and wash his face. Unfortunately I have only 85mm (1.8) Lens with Canon 7D. So I have to move further to object.

I took the shot and crop the background.

That's all. Enjoy..
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Beautiful Face

Beautiful bride Nadeeshani. Captured in her Engagement at Mulleriywa. One of Natural light portrait.

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Another quick shoot at National Film Corporation Cinema theater inside. Taken at International Film Festival Colombo 2014 before the last screening. She was one of the volunteer of the festival. There is only one light in the cinema. If we use flashes, it  will be disturbing to the people. There fore I have to go to high ISO rating like 2500. But finally I think I captured it :)  
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Another capture at Pavithra and Rajitha's Wedding. Location Mount Lavina Beach. Less editing. 
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Look @ Me Not

Early morning Private Shoot with Udantha and His Wife Shehani. This is around 5 am near Wijerama junction (Colombo 07). Awesome shoot. Kavidu Hettiarachchi Supports me alot.

I just suggest about early morning shoot and they both accept it once. What a dynamic couple. We can do lots of creations with such kind of people.

Love them alot.

Shoot with Canon EOS 7D, Canon 85mm 1.8 lens, Canon 600RT Flash with Canon Trigger. Use a Soft box to control light 
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Another Quick capture in Hortan Plains. 
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Bharatha Natyam

Capture from State Tele Awards 2013. Dance Item from Mrs.Jegadeshwari's students. Quick Capture. 
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