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A Bird Who not in the bush

A Bird Who not in the bush. Taken at Yala National Park. This Bird on the jeep road. Technical Details as follows.

Camera : Canon 550D
Aperture : 5.6
ISO : 100
Shutter : 1/400s
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For the Future

For the Future. Photography Assignment by Mr. Lal Hegoda. Still there are rural areas without electricity in Sri Lanka. This is one of Good example. Technical Details as follows.
Camera Model - Canon EOS 7D
ISO - 6400
Focal Length - 47mm
Aperture - 4.0
Shutter - 1/8s
Tripod Mounted 
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Path to Heaven

This was taken at Kelaniya Temple at Nethra Samadhi Religious festival. Technical Details as follows.
Camera - Canon EOS 550D
ISO - 100
Aperture - 6.3
Shutter - 1/160
Edit By Adobe Photoshop

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ගැරුම් වට්ටිය - Equipment used to find Gems

ගැරුම් වට්ටිය - මැණික් ගැරීමේදී නැතිවම බැරි උපකරණයක් වන මෙය ඡායාරූපගත කරන ලද්දේ පැල්මඩුල්ලේ මැණික් පතලක් ආසන්නයේදීය. ඉල්ලම් පස් මෙය තුලට දමා වතුරෙන් සේදීම සිදු කරනු ලැබේ. මැණික් ලැබේ යයි විස්වාසයෙන් කාසියක් ගැරුම් වට්ටියේ රැදවීම සිදු කරනු ලැබේ.
තාක්ෂණික තොරතුරු

Camera - Canon 550D
Lens -18-55 Kit Lens
Aperture - 5.6
Shutter - 1-160s
ISO - 100
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Mysterious Eyes

Yeh, That is Mysterious. This is the brides maid of Indika & Shalini. I notice her eyes. Those are too sharp. I decide to take a picture of her eyes. So I start my action.

Technical details as follows.
Camera  - Canon EOS 550D
Lens - Canon 50mm Prime
Aperture - 1.8
Shutter - 1/100
ISO - 200

Hope you will Like this.
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Ran Tikiri Sina

Ran Tikiri Sina. A Baby expression capture near Kelaniya temple more than one year ago. I'm waiting for few minutes until she gave me a good pose :). Finally I got it. Technical Details of this capture as follows.

Camera Model : Canon 550D
Lens : 55-250mm Telephoto Lens
ISO - 200
Aperture - 5.0
Shutter - 1/100
Focal Length - 79mm
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This is one of the largest gem in the world. unfortunately I couldn't remember the name of this gem. May be this is cats eye. Taken at the Gem Exhibition at BMICH last year. My camera is Canon EOS 550D and the lens is 55-250 zoom. Other details are Follows.
ISO - 1600
F - 5.6
Exposure time - 1/400
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Flower Basin

Flower Basin. Sign of prettiness and the prosperity in Sri Lanka. Most of the houses in urban areas in Sri Lanka flower basin is near the main door. I capture this at Maharagama during a party. Technical details are follows.

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This was taken at the Independence square during Ranidu and Jayani's Private Session. Fortunately there is a cat sleeping near the wall. So I thought this will make nice combination. Yes!. it happens. This is quick natural shot I taken.

Camera Model : Canon 550D
Lens Model : 55-250mm IS
Aperture : 7.1
ISO : 100
Shutter :1/80
Focal Length :79mm   
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Over Exposed Image. Taken at Dambulla Temple. This is Quick Movement Shot. Actually I took the photo in correct time. Unfortunately my camera settings were dull. What to do. Bad Luck :( I tried harder to make this in good look. Even Photoshop cannot do that :(

Details of the Photo.

Camera Make : Canon EOS 550D
Lens - 55-250mm Telephoto
ISO - 400 (Damn)
F Stop - 1/8
Aperture - 4.5
Shutter - 1/125s

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Capture at Neluwa (Southern Province)  near Dooli Ella. Crop the Original Image and do the necessary changes. Details are follows.

Camera Model - Canon EOS 550D
Aperture - 7.1
Shutter - 1/100s
ISO - 100

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